Forget about forgetting, its easy

There you are, on the information highway cruising along and you see a sign.  It looks interesting, and you want to stop and check it out.  So, you steer to the ramp to see this thing and BAM!  You must sign in to access this site message pops up.  Now you know you have that internal fight going on at that moment…should I?  They want to know what?  Not to mention the really bad part, ANOTHER PASSWORD I HAVE TO REMEMBER?  I can hear the screaming from here, please go ahead and get it out of your system…I can wait.

Recently, I have spoken to many groups and they pretty much all agree that this whole account and password for everything is just simply annoying.  Not that the importance of needing passwords escapes anyone, but who really makes a different password for every account?  Most people just use the same password for everything.  And the real “smart ones” have 2-3 different passwords that the use and when forced to, change out.  I am not making light of the issue that online security is important to all of us, actually I think I have found a couple of good options for everyone who is looking for something that can tame this whole password monster.  Password management is not something to be scared of, as a matter of fact the two options I am sharing with you today should make this much easier for you.

1password logo

1Password by Agilebits – This is a great password manager.  It is universal, so you can use it on both Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Password Generator:  Don’t know what a good password is?  No problem, 1Password will make one up for you.
  • Password Saver:   Never worry about forgetting your password, 1Password remembers all your sites and passwords.
  • Your Idenity:  Fill out all your information once and when you go to a site that asks for your name and information it will auto fill everything out for you.  (yes, you can change or erase anything you want before submitting the information to the site.
  • Backup:  You can have all your information backed up anyway you so desire.  Meaning even if something bad happens to your computer you will not lose anything.
  • Cost:  This software has a 30 day free trial, and purchase price is $34.99
  • Has many other features as well, to see more click here.


  LaLastPassLogo  2stPass by Marvasol, Inc. – Another great option.  This is universal as well.

  • Many of the feature listed above are the same with both products.
  • Lastpass does offer a different pricing option in that the basic service is free.  While the enhanced version allows you access to the service on everything you own from laptop to smartphone.  This is an annual fee of $12, yes only $1 per month.
  • To compare, click here.

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