Polaroid is BACK!



Polaroid’s Fotobars

Two steps forward, one step….  Least that is how the old saying started.  Not sure if you know, but Polaroid stopped making film for all those instant cameras they use to make.  With the birth of digital cameras and more to the point the cell phone camera, polaroid took a monster hit.  So much so that the time came to put the polaroid camera to rest.  Course, the companies that we look up to the most are those that can re-invent themselves.  Not the ones that do it in a “crisis” to make themselves look more palatable.  Talking about those that can see the future and make themselves relevant in the face of change.
Polaroid has done just that.  Funny thing is they didn’t wonder too far from who they have always been.  Starting this year with 10 new stores nationwide, they are opening “Fotobars.”  You will be able to run inside with your digital camera and/or cell phone and tell them what pictures you want printed up right there on the spot.  They will even be offering other products beyond just paper copies such as shirts and cups.  
They have said you will not only have access to the photos on your device, but you can pull photos from your online accounts as well including InstagramFacebook, and Picasa.  Lot more information will be coming out in the next couple weeks as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) starts.
Is this a service you will use?  What would you like to see them offer? 

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