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Updates…Let’s wait just a minute!

Just a minute....

Just a minute….


Usually, I am telling people that updates are a good thing and you need to update your systems and such when possible.  Today though I am going to pull the reigns on that recommendation.  Possibly in the future I am going to tell everyone to start slowing their updates down till we know the update is good.

The recent update for iOS 8 has not been without some glitches.  It has had issues with signing into your iTunes account which is the backbone to much of what makes iPhone & iPad do what they are suppose to do.  Now, let me be clear I have faith Apple will correct the issues and this is justa bump in the road.  But, Apple is experiencing some …. “growing pains?”  It is also experiencing a virus issue right now that they have reported is effecting a small amount of Apple users.  Right now Apple is learning what it is like to play in the big boys sandbox.

So, I recommend if you can, please hold off on updating your iOS devices till we sound the all clear.

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