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Does this make any sense?

So, the other day I noticed while I was speaking to a group that people seemed somewhat lost while I was describing something.  It got me thinking that often in the tech world, lot of things that are talked about might be lost on some people.  Below I am pasting a description…and I wonder how many of you understands what they are talking about.  Please read it and answer the attached poll.

“fēnix 3 is the rugged, capable and smart multisport training GPS watch. With feature sets for fitness training plus feature sets for outdoor navigation, fēnix 3 is ready for any training activity and competition. Access to theConnect IQ platform allows customization of watch faces, data fields, widgets and activities. And, fēnix 3 is a thin, light multisport training GPS that won’t slow you down whether for training or every day use.”

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