Welcome to “Training Wheels America.”  This is your home for questions about the iPad, iPhone, Mac, just to name a few.  My name is Rolland, and I am your host.  Looking forward to all the great times we are going to have together learning and sharing out here in our little neighborhood of the internet.


No doubt this page will get updated from time to time, but the most current area will of course be the main area where the blog is located.  Don’t worry, it is easy to find just look at the top of any page for the menu section.  From there you can get to anything you are looking for.  Including sections on the classes I will be hosting in your area and when.  Will have a video section so you can keep up with my travels (which I will explain in more detail later.)


Right now, this whole adventure is in its infancy.  You are seeing the birth of an idea actually.  Watching it grow and take root.  See what and where it all goes….sounds like fun huh?  One of my hopes is that people will find this to be fun and want to participate with every step of the way.  So, don’t be a stranger….hop in and tell me what your thinking.  Got advice for me…..pass it along!


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