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App recommendation: Breaking News

In our first lesson of iPhone & iPad Basics  we talked about an app for anyone that would like to keep up on the news of the day.  Making your device work for you, bring you the news.  Please click on the log below and it will take you to iTunes and where to download the app.

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Wave Alarm App for Android devices

In all honesty, this app does a fairly good job…doing what it suppose to do.  The overall experience is nothing earth shattering.  It is pretty much boring and that tends to lead to little use till it is all but forgotten on your phone and it becomes one of those apps that is just collecting dust and taking space on your hard drive (HD).  We all know that HD space is an issue on Android devices.
In a nut shell, pass on this app unless you really love alarm clocks and the native one doesn’t suit your needs.
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