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New Fall Special for Ask Away!


Beginning the first Monday after Labor Day, we are introducing an exciting change to our Ask Away program: 9 for $99!!!

Here is how it works;
  • You will receive nine, 30 minute sessions for the low cost of $99.
  • Use at our Ask Away Mondays at Starbucks.
  • Your 30 minute session is only you.
  • You can use one session at a time, or up to three (90  min) sessions together, per visit.
  • Guarantee your one-on-one time by scheduling your time in advance.

Food for thought…my standard rate is $75 per hour…’nuff said!

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Ask Away Schedule Change



Just want to alert you to a change in the “Ask Away” schedule.  I am out of town the beginning of November.  Will be teaching out of state to some very awesome people down south.  For this reason, “Ask Away” will not be held the first two Mondays of November.  Please refer to the classes schedule for dates and times.  The first “Ask Away” in November will be the 17th.  Still have one more “ask Away” this coming Monday, October 27th…DON’T MISS IT.  Everyone is having a good time and learning a lot.  Come on down and have some coffee or tea and lets learn something together, I will be looking for you.