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Classes may 2017
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Class cancelled

Class has been cancelled

Class has been cancelled


The class had to be cancelled today due to building issues beyond our control.  The class will return next week on October 4th at our regular time & location.

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

iPhone & iPad Photography class
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See the earth LIVE!



Above us floating through space and around this planet is the International Space Station (ISS) that is looking out into space and downward at us every day.  Just for fun, CLICK HERE to see what ISS is looking at on the earth at this very minute live.  Isn’t the internet awesome?


What can you ask Cortana to do for you in Windows 10

hi-cortana-100263863-galleryHere is some commands you can ask Cortana.

Cortana Phone Commands

  • Call Sally on Speakerphone
  • Call Mom at home
  • Call manager on her cell
  • Call Billy
  • Redail
  • Press [number]

Cortana Texting commands

  • Text dad: What time is the birthday party?
  • Message my manager: I have completed the budget report
  • Send text to Billy: When are you coming to pick up my stuff?
  • Show me messages from Sally
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Tagging in OneNote



Tags are awesome.  They can do so many things in OneNote.  Check out this quick video for ideas on how to use tags in OneNote.