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New Fall Special for Ask Away!


Beginning the first Monday after Labor Day, we are introducing an exciting change to our Ask Away program: 9 for $99!!!

Here is how it works;
  • You will receive nine, 30 minute sessions for the low cost of $99.
  • Use at our Ask Away Mondays at Starbucks.
  • Your 30 minute session is only you.
  • You can use one session at a time, or up to three (90  min) sessions together, per visit.
  • Guarantee your one-on-one time by scheduling your time in advance.

Food for thought…my standard rate is $75 per hour…’nuff said!

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Metadata can narc you out

Few weeks ago in our iPhotography class we discussed metadata.  How it captures so much useful information.  Someone during the class pointed out that they thought there was some information we might not want captured.  Guess they were right since I found this ARTICLE about a photographer who stole some camera equipment and the way they tracked him down was from the metadata in pictures he posted that he took with the stolen equipment.

What do you think about this story?  Leave a comment below and tell me!!