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Googles “Loon” project

Months ago I spoke in a class about the amazing things Google has done to help bring the internet to the world.  They are always working on ways to improve searches and such.  One thing I spoke about specifically was their balloon project.  Bringing the internet to areas after a natural disaster.  Watch the above video for the latest on this project and other ways they are using it.


Cheat Sheet for your iPad Settings

This is a quick cheat sheet for you to use to help with understanding the settings area under the GENERAL tab of your iPad & iPhone. These are all for the latest iOS 8.0 update. If you have any questions, as always just ask in the comments below or email me directly.




About Information about downloaded content, apps, memory, iPad serial number and model, and your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth addresses, plus support, and legal and regulatory jargon.
Software Update Check this for updates to the iPad operating system.
Siri Settings for turning the Siri voice command assistant on, changing the language, choosing hands-free only or all-voice feedback, and choosing whose information Siri uses from the Contacts app.
Spotlight Search Access settings for the types of content the iPad search feature returns in search results and the order in which results are presented.
Handoff & Suggested Apps Turn on Handoff to be able to pick up something started on one device on another, such as listening to music or reading a book.
Accessibility Set features for people with visual, hearing, or dexterity challenges.
Multitasking Gestures Enable Multitasking Gestures to use four or five fingers for certain actions.
Lock Rotation Tap to set up the Side Switch to lock screen rotation.
Mute Tap to set up the Side Switch to mute sounds.
Usage Displays total iCloud storage, battery usage, and if you have a Wi-Fi and 3G/4G iPad model, shows data usage on the cellular network.
Auto-Lock Set the amount of time for inactivity at which iPad automatically auto-locks the screen.
Restrictions Set restrictions on Safari, YouTube, and iTunes, as well as restrict installation of applications and location services. Specify allowed content for music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and apps.
Lock/Unlock When on this feature automatically locks and unlocks iPad when the iPad cover is closed.
Date & Time Choose 24-hour time and time zone and set the correct date and time.
Keyboard Set correction features of the keyboard such as Auto-Capitalization and spelling check.
Language & Region Specify the language for onscreen information and keyboard. Choose region format for date, time, and phone numbers.
iTunes Wi-Fi Sync Settings for syncing with iTunes on a computer on a local network.
Reset Reset all settings or selected settings to factory defaults, such as network or keyboard.
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Picasa Class Cancelled



So, we had a small set back today.  There was some confusion on room assignments at the center today and to make a long story short it was decided that in the best interest of everyone involved that we cancel our class and get back on track next Tuesday.

Additionally, starting December I am going to be doing classes weekly at the center on Tuesdays.  Will be putting out more information this week about the classes I will be doing for December.

If you have a class suggestion you would like to see me cover, leave a comment below!  Looking forward to hearing your suggestions.





More than once I have been told that asking for help is not something I am good at.  Granted, this is just one in a long list.  After spending too much time avoiding this post I am just going to get this out.  I am working on filing the required documents for the state, IRS, and others to get a 501c non-profit status.  To say that is easier to say than be done is an understatement.  Overall it has kept me very busy working on everything that comes with it while expanding Training Wheels America.  Just returned from a trip expanding training classes in the next few months.

I am looking for volunteers in many areas;

  • Marketing – Ideas on were and what I am doing now.
  • Non-profit & grant writing – An area I have been working on that I have little to no knowledge on.
  • Board of Directors – One of the requirements of a non-profit is a board of directors.  These are positions that are very important to the success of Training Wheels America.  Looking for people that can help in the areas listed above.

Without a doubt this list is much longer than it looks.  Not to mention it is a list that will change and grow over the coming months.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a desire to help me in this project.

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Are you being safe? Cyber security

Cyber security is everyone's job

Cyber security is everyone’s job


Everyday, sadly there are those out there that want to inflict harm on others.  We see it daily in the news.  One form of harm that is especially evil is when someone seeks out innocent people for their own personal gain.  Now I could go off on this in a rant that would read like a novel, but I will restrain myself and keep this short.

Head over to this link (click this) and take less than two minutes to complete this quiz on your cyber security skills.  At the end it will give you helpful advice on how best to protect yourself.  As always, I am here for you as well and will answer any questions you have about your own cyber security.

Leave me a comment or question below and lets get the conversation started!


October classes! Don’t miss one of these!

Training Wheels America

Training Wheels America

Not sure where the time goes, but it is time for our October classes already.  Hope you didn’t miss last months Facebook Essentials for Seniors class.  No worries if you did, come this month to the second of three classes in this series.

Looking to buy a smartphone soon?  Maybe already got one.  We are racing into the holidays and someone who loves you very much has already planned out a “smart” purchase for you.  Whichever, we have the smartphone class coming this month.  Learn what you need to know!

All of these classes have an option to attend the lab portion which is held from 12:30 pm to 2 pm after the class.  It is an additional $10.  You get one on one time to ask anything you want and get apply what you want to do right there!  The West Seattle Senior Center does have lunches available for purchase and they really do know how to make great sandwiches and the cookies keep the instructors alive.

Finally, remember every Monday we have “Ask Away” at the Starbucks on California & Fauntleroy.  Check out the link for all the info on these and any other classes we add to the schedule.

Class Schedule