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Updates…Let’s wait just a minute!

Just a minute....

Just a minute….


Usually, I am telling people that updates are a good thing and you need to update your systems and such when possible.  Today though I am going to pull the reigns on that recommendation.  Possibly in the future I am going to tell everyone to start slowing their updates down till we know the update is good.

The recent update for iOS 8 has not been without some glitches.  It has had issues with signing into your iTunes account which is the backbone to much of what makes iPhone & iPad do what they are suppose to do.  Now, let me be clear I have faith Apple will correct the issues and this is justa bump in the road.  But, Apple is experiencing some …. “growing pains?”  It is also experiencing a virus issue right now that they have reported is effecting a small amount of Apple users.  Right now Apple is learning what it is like to play in the big boys sandbox.

So, I recommend if you can, please hold off on updating your iOS devices till we sound the all clear.

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Interesting times

Often I am asked about why I love technology.  Simply put, it is amazing what and where we can go with technology.  Granted there are those out there that have done more than their share to pervert technology for personal gain.  But, there are others that have found profound and amazing things to benefit others.

One field that is everyday making huge strides is healthcare.  Few years ago, there was this little show that some thought medical-tricorder was just “crazy talk” and that show was Star Trek.  Personally, I love the show…but I won’t go into all that.  One thing I alway thought was so cool was sick bay.  Dr. McCoy had beds that told him what someone’s vitals.  When he was on another planet he had that tricoder that could give him the victim’s vitals.  Guess what, we have these technologies today.The Bio-bed, made famous in Star Trek is here.  Granted Dr. McCoy’s was a bit easier to see and understand.

  • Multi-function foot & touch screen
  • iBed awareness Smart Bed Monitoring System
  • Chaperone Bed Exit Alarm
  • Protocol Reminders
  • On-board Sound Therapy
  • Spoken Translations in 24 Languages
  • First ever USB upgradable bed


Of course this is all wonderful and all if you happen to be laying in a hospital that is so equipped with one of these beds.  But, what is the average person suppose to do.  Your bodies vitals are the first thing any medical professional will take from you in case of office visit, medical emergency personal at an incident or a emergency room.  Safe to say, if you are admitted to a hospital or have surgery of any kind they will take your vitals non-stop at regal intervals during your stay.  The reason is it tells the doctors what is happening with you and if and how you are responding to treatment.  More often than not they wish they had your vitals when you weren’t right in front of them, but when something happen to you.  Would give them a clearer picture.  Now we can help the doctors in ways never thought of before.

The medical tricorder has been born.  It is called Scanadu Scout.  It is amazing and it is changing how we take care of ourselves.


Finally, technology is on the verge of changing how we treat people with illnesses differently than ever before.  Google is working on a brand new way for diabetics to monitor their desease in such away that it could be the biggest impact to date in combating this horrible killer.


What do you think about these advances?  Please comment below and always share this post with family & friends!

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iOS 7 – Better wait just a little bit longer

Every time a new iOS (Operating System for iPhone/iPad) comes out people get so excited.  Understandable really when you think about it.  It is all the new cool stuff to play with and learn.  Many times those things that have been bugging you and you wanted changed are fixed or at least changed in a bug new iOS update.

Not to mention, everyone likes opening presents.  Isn’t that what downloading the latest and the greatest feels like?  Of course!  Now, I m going to have to play big daddy here and tell you simply…this update is cool and good, and not ready for you.  Usually that doesn’t happen with Apple updates.  But, in this case it seems to have just enough bugs that I am recommending wait just a little bit longer.  By the time iOS 7.0.1 comes out it should fix many of the small but annoying bugs that are crawling around.  These are more noticeable with pretty much all iPads and any iPhone pre-iPhone 5.
These bugs are mostly performance issues like slowing your device down.  That is something that will drive most people batty.  Many will not listen and they will download it and then call me to come over and tell them all this in person.  In person….cost $$$.  So, decide for yourself and alway remember … I accept cash, check, and plastic.

needs fixing

needs fixing