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Believe it or not, change is a good thing.  Often I hear about people saying this or that is different now days.  Or how we use to do things was different.  No doubt there is things that do not need to change.

In an effort to be totally forthright with all of you…I must admit that for sometime now I have not been happy with how this site looks.  It has been (from my point of view) in transition for much of the last year.  I am not going to get into all of the things that have been going on behind the scenes for this site other than to say, much hair has been lost in 2015 because of it.

In the next couple weeks many of the changes will become evident, and hopefully you will like what you see.  Today the overall feel and color has changed and this is just the first step.  Look forward to great growth of the site in the coming weeks and months.

Woohoo…I am excited!  Are you???  COMMENT BELOW, I seriously need to see you guys interact on the site as we grow.

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Ask Away Schedule Change



Just want to alert you to a change in the “Ask Away” schedule.  I am out of town the beginning of November.  Will be teaching out of state to some very awesome people down south.  For this reason, “Ask Away” will not be held the first two Mondays of November.  Please refer to the classes schedule for dates and times.  The first “Ask Away” in November will be the 17th.  Still have one more “ask Away” this coming Monday, October 27th…DON’T MISS IT.  Everyone is having a good time and learning a lot.  Come on down and have some coffee or tea and lets learn something together, I will be looking for you.

Rolland's Ramblings

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from the mind of Rolland

from the mind of Rolland

In all honesty, I have no idea how this will evolve …. but I thought I might need a small piece of this site to have a corner where I might just let some of me roam freely.  HAHAHA!  Scary I know, but lets see where this goes and if it gets out of control we can cage this animal up if need be.  What do you think?  Please shoot me your thoughts in comments….they help me a ton!  Thank you.