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Snapseed Basic 2



This is the second session in the basics of the Snapseed app. If you are interested in taking your photos to the next level this is the class for you. June 20th at 11:30 am till 1:30 pm at the Keller Williams office located at 4452 California Ave SW, Seattle. The cost for this class is $25.

Looking forward to seeing you at this fun and exciting class!



Ten minute routine will increase your creativity!


Everyday, you have another chance to affect the lives around you and the world. Your access to the people of the world is limitless at this point in life. Creativity is one of the few things in this world that is not controlled or limited by anyone or anything else other than yourself.

Up till now, often others had a huge impact on who got published, or seen. Today though, this is in our hands more then ever in human history. Granted, life experiences still impact us greatly. More so if you think about it actually. On the other hand, never have we had as much control as we have now. You just have to believe in yourself and do it.

Not easy by any means, so take a few minutes and check out this linked article. Start today, sharing you with yourself.

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Believe it or not, change is a good thing.  Often I hear about people saying this or that is different now days.  Or how we use to do things was different.  No doubt there is things that do not need to change.

In an effort to be totally forthright with all of you…I must admit that for sometime now I have not been happy with how this site looks.  It has been (from my point of view) in transition for much of the last year.  I am not going to get into all of the things that have been going on behind the scenes for this site other than to say, much hair has been lost in 2015 because of it.

In the next couple weeks many of the changes will become evident, and hopefully you will like what you see.  Today the overall feel and color has changed and this is just the first step.  Look forward to great growth of the site in the coming weeks and months.

Woohoo…I am excited!  Are you???  COMMENT BELOW, I seriously need to see you guys interact on the site as we grow.

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Tagging in OneNote



Tags are awesome.  They can do so many things in OneNote.  Check out this quick video for ideas on how to use tags in OneNote.


photo theft and stealing
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Metadata can narc you out

Few weeks ago in our iPhotography class we discussed metadata.  How it captures so much useful information.  Someone during the class pointed out that they thought there was some information we might not want captured.  Guess they were right since I found this ARTICLE about a photographer who stole some camera equipment and the way they tracked him down was from the metadata in pictures he posted that he took with the stolen equipment.

What do you think about this story?  Leave a comment below and tell me!!


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Does this make any sense?

So, the other day I noticed while I was speaking to a group that people seemed somewhat lost while I was describing something.  It got me thinking that often in the tech world, lot of things that are talked about might be lost on some people.  Below I am pasting a description…and I wonder how many of you understands what they are talking about.  Please read it and answer the attached poll.

“fēnix 3 is the rugged, capable and smart multisport training GPS watch. With feature sets for fitness training plus feature sets for outdoor navigation, fēnix 3 is ready for any training activity and competition. Access to theConnect IQ platform allows customization of watch faces, data fields, widgets and activities. And, fēnix 3 is a thin, light multisport training GPS that won’t slow you down whether for training or every day use.”