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In our first lesson of iPhone & iPad Basics  we talked about an app for anyone that would like to keep up on the news of the day.  Making your device work for you, bring you the news.  Please click on the log below and it will take you to iTunes and where to download the app.

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Changes for classes in May & June

iPhoto Photography Series
Changes for classes in May & June

One thing I have said over and over in class is that no one should ever feel bad because they come to class and they do not “get it” after one class. Of course you don’t get it in one class, I bet you will not get it fully in the second or third class either. It is not because the topic is too hard or you can’t learn it. Let me ask you, how did you learn multiplication? Did you walk in your class room, study your 3s and know it by the end of the day? If you are anything like me, it took a lot of homework and time writing them out over and over and over again. I will further wager it took a decent amount of time and more effort than you care to remember in learning it…then your teacher had the audacity to walk in one day and talk about division!

Learning is often done with repetition. Recently, I read an article about how some educators are concerned that many young people in the US are learning more about how to test than think. Meaning their skills are more focused on short term memorization than taking the information and understanding it. In our classes, my style is much more about you learning and understanding the topic than giving you check lists to follow. Because when you are standing on that vista in that national park looking at a natural wonder, I want you to know how to pull out your camera and get the shot you want, then be able to do something with it because you know how. Taking pictures is step one, if they never see the light of day and live in that phone/camera alone and unseen….you get my point.

With all of this in mind, starting in May and ending in June we are doing a 7 lesson series on photography. We will be working each week learning something new and following up with a review of what you have learned in the previous weeks. Building blocks that will expand and strengthen your knowledge. Personally, I am very excited at what is coming. We will also have two classes during May & June that will be all about apps for your smartphone, iPhone, & iPad.

One other item of note is we will start using OneNote, a software that is free for all devices and computers to facilitate our lessons with class notes and outlines. This software brings some amazing and exciting opportunities to our classes for everyone. Now, I know you are sitting there thinking this is a bit nerve-wracking to learn a new software. Let me put you at ease, this software is used in all sorts of education at every level for students and teachers. It brings both closer and your ability to work with it between classes is really great news.

We are also holding a class on April 14th on OneNote to teach the basics of getting started with the software, including help on downloading your free copy! Please make sure you attend this very important class and bring your device(s) of choice so we can be sure you have it.

Please know these classes are for you and I want you to learn and have the joy of learning this amazing topic for yourself. I want to share in the positive things from your life, so be prepared – I want to see pictures of your grandbabies, gardens, collections, trips, and Scott has his eye out for anything from your kitchen. Thank you for the opportunity you have given Scott & me to share these classes with you every week. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you, and please….bring a friend or just tell them about the West Seattle Senior Center and the classes we offer!


New Look

Please tell us what you think of the new look.  Since you are our main focus we want this to look and work great for you!  You will not hurt our feelings, so be honest and vote your heart.


New Smartphone Class October 14th


New Class!

Oct 14th


Which one should you get?

One of the most common questions is….”what phone should I get?” This class is for anyone that is new to smartphones or is looking to get a new smartphone. We will discuss what is best for YOU. Show you some basics of any phone you have and how to make it something you will use in your life. Will touch on some popular apps and the latest info on iOS 8 for the new iPhone & iPad, Android & Windows Phone. Have specific questions about your phone and need one on one help? We offer an optional lab time after the class for $10. Come to this class if you want to make that phone all about YOU!

1 on 1 Help Available

This is all about YOU!

10:30 am till 12 pm

Bring your phone and questions

$10 Members & $15 Non-Members

Training Wheels america

PO Box 46996
Seattle, WA. 98146

Next class: Facebook Essentials II Oct 21st



Next Tuesday is our class, looking forward to seeing all of you and having a great time learning about smartphones.


Launch Day of “Bob’s WordPress Tutorials”

In the course of what I do teaching people about technology one of the benefits is I get to sometimes meet amazing people.  People who I learn from and enrich my life and business.  It is often comical how I met them and how our relationship has grown and matured.  Which is so true with the man I want to tell you about today.  He is having a big day today himself with the launch of his new site,

my friend Bob Dunn

I can tell you he has worked for months on this project.  Poured his heart and soul into making this amazing membership site for anyone wanting to learn about how to launch their own professional looking wordpress site.  For those who do not know what a wordpress site is, Bob has graciously provided four free videos on his site, one of them explaining what a wordpress site is and does.  Even more giving from Bob is one of the videos is right here for you to view…he is a great guy I told ya.  Please check out this great video and go over to his site.  Tell him I sent ya.