Polaroid is BACK!



Polaroid’s Fotobars

Two steps forward, one step….  Least that is how the old saying started.  Not sure if you know, but Polaroid stopped making film for all those instant cameras they use to make.  With the birth of digital cameras and more to the point the cell phone camera, polaroid took a monster hit.  So much so that the time came to put the polaroid camera to rest.  Course, the companies that we look up to the most are those that can re-invent themselves.  Not the ones that do it in a “crisis” to make themselves look more palatable.  Talking about those that can see the future and make themselves relevant in the face of change.
Polaroid has done just that.  Funny thing is they didn’t wonder too far from who they have always been.  Starting this year with 10 new stores nationwide, they are opening “Fotobars.”  You will be able to run inside with your digital camera and/or cell phone and tell them what pictures you want printed up right there on the spot.  They will even be offering other products beyond just paper copies such as shirts and cups.  
They have said you will not only have access to the photos on your device, but you can pull photos from your online accounts as well including InstagramFacebook, and Picasa.  Lot more information will be coming out in the next couple weeks as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) starts.
Is this a service you will use?  What would you like to see them offer? 

Forget about forgetting, its easy

There you are, on the information highway cruising along and you see a sign.  It looks interesting, and you want to stop and check it out.  So, you steer to the ramp to see this thing and BAM!  You must sign in to access this site message pops up.  Now you know you have that internal fight going on at that moment…should I?  They want to know what?  Not to mention the really bad part, ANOTHER PASSWORD I HAVE TO REMEMBER?  I can hear the screaming from here, please go ahead and get it out of your system…I can wait.

Recently, I have spoken to many groups and they pretty much all agree that this whole account and password for everything is just simply annoying.  Not that the importance of needing passwords escapes anyone, but who really makes a different password for every account?  Most people just use the same password for everything.  And the real “smart ones” have 2-3 different passwords that the use and when forced to, change out.  I am not making light of the issue that online security is important to all of us, actually I think I have found a couple of good options for everyone who is looking for something that can tame this whole password monster.  Password management is not something to be scared of, as a matter of fact the two options I am sharing with you today should make this much easier for you.

1password logo

1Password by Agilebits – This is a great password manager.  It is universal, so you can use it on both Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Password Generator:  Don’t know what a good password is?  No problem, 1Password will make one up for you.
  • Password Saver:   Never worry about forgetting your password, 1Password remembers all your sites and passwords.
  • Your Idenity:  Fill out all your information once and when you go to a site that asks for your name and information it will auto fill everything out for you.  (yes, you can change or erase anything you want before submitting the information to the site.
  • Backup:  You can have all your information backed up anyway you so desire.  Meaning even if something bad happens to your computer you will not lose anything.
  • Cost:  This software has a 30 day free trial, and purchase price is $34.99
  • Has many other features as well, to see more click here.


  LaLastPassLogo  2stPass by Marvasol, Inc. – Another great option.  This is universal as well.

  • Many of the feature listed above are the same with both products.
  • Lastpass does offer a different pricing option in that the basic service is free.  While the enhanced version allows you access to the service on everything you own from laptop to smartphone.  This is an annual fee of $12, yes only $1 per month.
  • To compare, click here.

New stuff with Facebook mobile

Cracked Facebook Logo 1500x1500 psd49009


Facebook hopes to make it easier to for users to chat and upload multiple photos on their mobile devices through a new iOS app released this past week.  Tweak for messaging, you can swipe to the left anywhere in the app to see who’s available for messaging, and mark friends you message the most in your Favorites.  Additionally to the new messaging and photo features, Facebook adds improvements to Facebook Gifts’ function.  The social network has been increasing the prominence of its new gift-giving service, most recently with a tweak to its Android app.


Where did they go?

Old las vegas

Facebook has been doing some fall cleaning.  They have been removing fake accounts, likes, and pages that are somewhat shady.  What this really means is they are making sure that the pages and such that people and business make on their site are real.  Same with people who like them.  Out here floating around the internet many things can be considered currency.

“Likes” on Facebook are like gold.  The more likes I get on my pages, the larger audience I have, which is valuable when the time comes that business might want to advertise with me.  It really is that simple.  There was a site I was reading a few months ago.  It was about a mom who started her blog some five years ago.  She started it when she had become pregnant and had quite her job.  Naturally she got somewhat bored and decided that she would write about what she was going through.  Long story short, she has over million people following her blog.  Huggies, baby wipes, Gerber, and many others found that to be very important.  Because she had an audience of exactly the type of people that they wanted to sell their products too.  Lets face it, mom’s follow mom’s.  Not like some out of work NFL ref is reading her site.  Not to mention people that follow a site such as hers typically become loyal fans.  Meaning I put Huggies on my site instead of pampers, her followers remember that when they are at the Walgreens.  Guess what, Huggies knows this and so they pay her to advertise on her site.  The larger her “following base” is the more they pay.  And that is how “likes” or following someone is like gold.

The internet is like old Las Vegas.  We got some hotels now, and some good casinos.  We have some awesome people, and some not so good people all around us.  As we grow and learn what works and what doesn’t we know who and where we should be focused.  Some think they know already, while others are still finding new and exciting venues and consumers.  

So, next time you click that “like” button … remember, you are making someones day!  Wanna hit mine?


Great deals on Apple Macbook Airs

Refurb macbookair 11in lion

Looking for a great deal?  Apple has refurbished Macbook Airs on sale.  You can get either last years model which is selling for $749.00.  Or you can look at this years model for $849.00.  For those of you that are prone to the Macbook Pro, they have one of those to for only $1,019.00.  Now is a great time to find a new laptop for yourself and save some serious bucks!


It’s all new to me!

Believe it or not, I am always learning.  Like everyday I am learning about something.  Granted I have learned a few things along the way.  Like how to make this blog.  Lot of things to learn to get this far.  This is my own hosted blog, meaning EVERYTHING on here I have had to make.  Kind of makes me shake my head to be honest with you. 

My goal is to grow with this site.  As new things pop up and work….guess I learned something that day!  What do you think?  What do you want to see on here or want to learn?  Please leave me a comment below.